Our Mission

Calling all moms who are tired of doubting themselves! Join the community of 45,000+ moms Who get you and will help you!

Always being worried and second-guessing whether you’re doing the best thing for your kids?

Those endless options and errands after your little one, all while making sure they’ve not popped the shoe again and that they’re safe...

Ending up with just one sock, no matter how many pairs you shop.

We’re here to make every decision easier Let’s Connect. Mom to Mom.

Our Values


We work round the clock to make sure that even the tiniest details of the shoes are perfect to provide the comfort and safety that the little ones deserve.


We want to empower parents with footwear for their little ones that not only comfort their kids, but also protect their feet and help them have an optimal overall development.


Connecting moms from different parts of the world helping each other do the right thing for their kids

Our Story

We are a mom and son duo helping moms overcome the struggles of child raising, starting by finding the right footwear for their kids, even for those with chubby and wide feet.

Having struggled herself, my mom developed this product many years back, what’s now called 2 Tiny Feet. It took multiple rounds of iterations, research, and approvals to get the final design ready, as we wanted to make the product as perfect as we could.

Now seeing parents and toddlers using our products and absolutely loving them makes all the hard work worthwhile.